About Us


Mayabazaar, which was officially established in the year 2013 under the parent company “India Seashell Museum”. MayaBazaar deals with a variety of Modern pearl jewellery.


India Seashell Museum is a personal initiative and impassioned vision of Mr Raja Mohammed. His true love towards the seashells and pearls made him seek an intense knowledge in this field. India Seashell Museum is India’s first-ever sea shell museum with an exclusive and rare private collection of seashells.

Raja Mohammed has travelled throughout the world in search of unique seashells and pearls. He has 4-decades experience in collecting precious pearls.


His vision is to create a first-rate market and value for precious pearls in India. He had ideas to innovatively sell the pearls based on the current market trend and let the people know that it is more than just a stone.

According to our moto “pearls are greater than other precious stones in this earth” which shows his passionate towards pearls. He considers Pearls as a Queen of Gem. “Mayabazaar Pearls” is the new mode for “The minimalist and The luxuriant”.

“I would like to change the thoughts of teenagers filled by our society that gold is more attractive than other precious ornaments.”

The vision of our Store is that all women around the world should wear pearl ornament rather than other stones. Mayabazaar Pearls and various organizations partner to create limited-edition pieces where a certain part of the ornament’s price goes towards a cause. The future goals of Mayabazaar Pearls are to open its own pearl Retail boutique and to tie up with Third-party jewellery shop.


The mission of Mayabazaar Pearls is to set an online marketplace for buying authentic pearl jewellery. With the help of the social media platform, educate people on the benefits of the use of pearls and how pearls can enhance the fashion trends.


India Seashell Museum is the first-ever museum for Corals and Seashells in India. People from far places visit India Seashell Museum to learn and see the world underwater. The visionary Mr.Raja Mohammed who founded India Seashell Museum had an unquenching passion to discover the beauty of the sea. Mr.Raja Mohammed’s interest in collecting the seashells, pearls, and corals have made him the person he is now.

At a very young age, he was fascinated by the beauty of naturally formed seashells and corals. So with the help of his maternal uncle, he started collecting seashells from different parts of the world. This was the initial drive that led him to the world of seashells and pearls. Today, with more than 100+ varieties of seashells and corals, India Seashell Museum is the most sought out destination for people who love to know about the underwater creations.

Check out their website: India Seashell Museum.